The first things most people ask is “What is an RV Fishing Site?”.  The funny part is that most people answer the question before I can finish:  “A campground where you can go fishing from.”   This is exactly right!

The idea behind RV Fishing Sites is to give you a one stop shop to find places to camp and fish.  We’ve even included ways for you to locate boat ramps and in areas where there are no RV Fishing Sites and identify good campgrounds that will work for fishing somewhere near by.

What we aren’t:  This is not a general campground finder.   As time goes on, more and more campground only type sites will be added, but the idea is that you would use these sites to go fishing somewhere nearby. It will be the admins’ jobs to verify these places and remove the sites that are not related to fishing at all.

When adding sites, we ask that you follow these basic rules:
– Make sure that an RV Fishing Site is directly on the water:
– An RV Fishing Site Campground must be touching the water somewhere on the campground.
– Individual RV Sites themselves do not need to be on the water, only close.
– When adding regular campgrounds be sure to only add sites that within quick driving distance of a body of water that is good for fishing.
– If possible, always add pictures. However, it’s better to have no picture at all than an inappropriate picture.
– Keep your pictures clean! Users who upload garbage or spam pictures will be perm-banned!
– When posting information about a site, keep it to the facts only. It’s often best to copy the description right from their own web page.
– Be sure to only rate a campground if you’ve stayed there. As time goes on we will get proactive about finding “posers”. If we find you are rating campgrounds you haven’t stayed in you may be banned.

Remember, if we keep finding junk on listings we may need to remove access to add listings completely. So keep it real and keep it clean!

Be sure to let us know if you see bad posting or issues with the site. We are actively working at filling out as many sites as possible so we will try to fix issues immediately.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you find what you’re looking for!