Who are we?

We are Mike and Sarah Van Nattan and Shadow their cat.  We’ve been full timing in our 5th wheel RV now for about 2 years.  While traveling around our home state of Texas, we realized how difficult it was to identify which campgrounds were good campgrounds and which ones had good fishing near them.  Sure, a campground might be a good one, but the lake it’s on is lousy, or the fishing might be great and the campground is like a night at the proverbial California Hotel.  So we came up with this idea of identifying campgrounds that are located at prime fishing spots.

Working on this project has been very fulfilling. Mainly because we enjoy exploring and finding new sites is something we do just for fun.  Now we do it for our business!  How cool is that?

So help us where you can and enjoy the campgrounds!  We’ll be visiting as many of them as we can over the next few years.  We can assure you – we’ve found a few that are definitely on OUR bucket list!

See you next door!

Mike & Sarah